Way to Go Azura Core Value Winners!


  • Lynda Novitzke, Executive Director, Wausau was nominated by multiple people, Lynda has exemplified the Azura’s Core Value of RESPECT by finding ways to support her Team in Wausau, as well as help out with the opening of our new home in Oconomowoc. Lynda’s ability to find out what is personal to our residents and use that to bring them joy is truly amazing! Thank you Lynda for every smile you create!
  • Angel Richardson, Caregiver, Beloit worked to overcome a very personal obstacle related to the death of her child. Through Azura’s assistance Angel was able to work through her grief and reconnect with the residents at Azura in whole new way and focus on what they need in the moment. Thank you Angel for coming from a place of RESPECT for our residents.


  • Ashley Kearns, Caregiver, Kenosha South received multiple nominations for helping her Team, residents and families and for staying beyond her scheduled shift with a resident during a medical emergency and ensuring the resident’s needs were met. Thanks Ashley for being there and for helping our residents RECOVER!
  • Becky Lambert, Caregiver, Manitowoc was nominated for her ability to know our residents and connect with them through their years of military service. Thank you Becky for working to connect those with military service through conversation, similar life experience and help them RECOVER too!


  • Sheila Fink, Caregiver/Cook, Oshkosh took it upon herself to ensure the residents, Team and families were treated to a very special Luau Party. She used her exceptional culinary skills to bring a smile to everyone’s face!
  • Alex Antu, Maintenance, Kenosha is known for more that just his fix-it abilities. Alex is consistently offering a smile, song or special reward to our residents to brighten their days. Recently he realized that a resident loved a personalized nametag, but it was broken. Alex quickly fixes it and touched this resident’s heart so deeply that every time he sees Alex he tells people what Alex did for him and how much he appreciates it. Way to use your INNOVATIVE attitude Alex to make an impact on this resident’s heart!


  • Christina Hammond, Quality of Life Coordinator, Kenosha North also received multiple nominations praising the variety of ways she is bringing joy to our residents through the use of volunteers within the home. Her specialized engagements such as the Azura Prom, not only brightened the days of those within our care, but involved the Kenosha community at large as well. Kudos to you Christina for all that you do to recruit others to learn what we do at Azura!
  • Elizabeth Dubois, Caregiver, Clinton is a brand new member of the Azura family, but it is apparent she is already making an impact on her residents and Team. Nominated by multiple individuals who recognize that Elizabeth bring a unique enthusiasm and compassion to her efforts at Azura. Welcome Elizabeth we are so glad you are part of our family of care!
  • Cathy Goetzman, Cook, Clinton is a 22 year veteran caregiver at the Azura Memory Care of Clinton home who truly shines in her leadership and expertise. Cathy is known for whipping up the tastiest of dishes in the kitchen, while maintaining and training others to have personalized conversations with the residents. Cathy you are truly a testament to the Core Value of RETAINING the finest!!! Thank you for every year!


  • Susan Te Stroete, Executive Director, Sheboygan and Manitowoc was nominated for her EXCEPTIONAL work to reach out to families and Team members to increase satisfaction and retention. Since joining the Azura Team, Sue has spent countless hours visiting with current and potential family members and with her Team. Always on the lookout for ways to enhance care and connection, Sue has been a great resource for others too. We thank you for the many EXCEPTIONAL ways you are leading our family of care in Sheboygan and now Manitowoc too!
  • Kelly Standke, Team Lead, Oshkosh was nominated by a resident’s family member who stated, “Kelly goes above and beyond to know the little things that matter” to residents, In addition, she has been an EXCEPTIONAL trainer for those joining our Azura family. Thank you Kelly for connecting with ALL within our family of care, it is this type of relationship building that is truly EXCEPTIONAL!
  • Lessa Bobak, Regional Nurse has been an integral part of the Azura family of care for a number of years and is always EXCEPTIONAL, but this past quarter she received multiple nominations for the many ways she is supporting our residents, helping guide our Team and filling in for areas that are in need. From her nursing duties to training to dancing with the residents, Lessa always has a smile on her face and is willing to lend a hand. We are truly blessed to have Lessa as part of the Azura family and thank her for the countless ways she exudes EXCEPTIONAL in all that she does.

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