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True Blue Recipient – Jill Kreider

A big thank you to everyone who sent in nominations for Azura Memory Care’s Annual True Blue Award.  We had a number of nominations from family members and team members highlighting the many dedicated individuals within our Caregiving and Leadership Teams who truly follow all the Core Values of our family of care. 

Congratulations to this year’s other True Blue Award recipient, Jill Kreider, Vice President of Operations.  Whose dedication and oversight are appreciated by her Team, residents and the families she serves too!  Congrats Jill and thanks for all that you do!

True Blue Award Recipient: Jill Kreider, Vice President of Operations

 RESPECT – Jill is continuously respectful of all team members, residents and her peers.  She listens to each person and addresses their concerns if necessary.  She also makes sure she shows constant respect to the residents as well as their family members, making sure she listens to them and working with them in situations that need additional care.

 RECOVER – As Jill constantly steps into any position she needs to, she flawlessly stepped into the ED role in Beloit this year.  While she surely learned a great deal while doing this, she helped the entire team at Beloit recover from some major changes in 2016.  She worked with them and dedicated several daily hours to that home.  Beloit is running smoother, the morale in the home is 100% better and she makes sure the team gets what they need to work effectively.

 INNOVATION – There are so many innovation stories I can share about Jill – she is constantly thinking forward and out of the box.  She works to be innovative to bonus plans, for ways to make homes run smoother, for ways to make resident experiences better and ways to make her team members as well as her peers thrive in their positions!

 RETAIN – While Jill wears several hats, she also has a stellar track record with retaining team members.  Jill is a mentor, works to ensure her direct reports grow and she shows a great deal of respect to them. 

In Jill, as well as her team members, we retain the finest and it is very clear that she has the ability to drive her team members and well as work with them in any situation.

 BE EXCEPTIONAL – I don’t feel I really need to say all that much in this category because Jill’s actions speak very loud.  Jill IS exceptional – she shines in every way!  She is positive, a GREAT leader, someone who will step into ANY situation with a smile and a positive attitude that all can be fixed and conquered and everything can improve!  Not only does she show this in her daily dedication to Azura, she has the ability to shine that positive attitude down to any team she works with!  Jill is simply EXCEPTIONAL!

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