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Magical Moments through MOSAIC by Azura

Magical Moments through MOSAIC by Azura

Azura Memory Care is committed to transforming the culture of care for those with memory loss. Currently our team of quality of life specialists led by Cathy Kehoe, Cultural Training Director at Azura Memory Care are implementing a holistic programming plan in each of our communities. Our MOSAIC program name stands for Memory care professionals Offering Support through Advances and Innovation in Care.

MOSAIC’s cutting-edge programming is evidence-based, researched and tested as the highest standard in dementia care. It honors the personhood of each individual by understanding that dementia is a disability of only specific areas of the brain, not the whole person. Our strengths-based programming works to utilize the parts of the brain that are still functioning properly leading to engagement and enhanced quality of life.

While our MOSAIC programming philosophy spaces activities throughout the day by varying levels of individual and peer engagement with recommended rest periods, it also honors the needs of the individual and their pace. The programming is further tailored to each person based on their care plan goals, past history, interests and abilities.

Each member of Azura’s Executive and Caregiving Team has received training on the basic philosophy of MOSAIC. As a result you will begin to see different activities offered within the homes that focus on creative expression, small group peer interactions, special interest clubs, and one-on-one engagement. Team members may approach you for additional information about residents as well.

Caregivers will be partnered with residents to better learn about their lives prior to the disease, their likes and dislikes and ways to best assist them with their care. They will then work to create opportunities to use this information to enhance their care and engage them in activities and bring them magical “MOSAIC Moments.”

These “MOSAIC Moments” and will be shared via the Azura Memory Care website and blog, which can be found at azura.sitespeedhosting.com. Be sure to subscribe to the Azura blog and receive “MOSAIC Moments” in your inbox as they happen!

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