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Defining MOSAIC Moments by Azura

Defining MOSAIC Moments by Azura

MOSAIC by Azura is a holistic programming plan that each of our communities have been using to enhance the quality of life for our residents. The main goal of MOSAIC is to honor the personhood of each of our residents by seeking to better understand them, their personal history and what brings them joy.

Currently, each member of our Team has been asked to partner with a specific resident and to gather information about their remaining strengths, habits, motivations and interests. The Team will then use this information to look for ways to focus their approach, conversations and activities so that we are better able to bring forth moments of joy or MOSAIC Moments.

In doing this, we recognize that MOSAIC Moments can happen at any time, in any place and with anyone. They are the moments when a smile spreads across a face, a giggle turns into a belly laugh and hands reach out for a hug. They are moments when a single resident can be filled with delight or a whole group break into song. In fact, research has shown that creating positive emotional experiences for those with memory loss diminishes distress and behaviorial problems.

Since starting MOSAIC by Azura we have had the honor of partaking in thousands of moments with our residents, their families and our community. The biggest lesson that we have learned, thus far, is that many MOSAIC Moments aren’t necessarily planned. They happen simply when our caregivers, friends and family come together in a special way that supports the resident(s) in the place where they are and evokes a response from them, that when measured against the disease, is magical.

One exceptional MOSAIC Moment occurred when an Azura Memory Care Executive Director recognized the desire a resident had to feel needed and used her personal history to determine that she loved to rake leaves. As a result he and the Team worked to make this activity happen for this resident every day. Even going so far as to spread out the raked leaves every evening and replacing them when the lawn service mistakenly disposed of every leaf in the yard. You may wonder as to why, but the simple fact is that this action brought forth joy for the resident, made her feel more at ease and as a result enhanced her care and her quality of life.

What MOSAIC is showing, is that even the smallest things make a world of difference for those with memory loss. Knowing our residents favorite song, color, food etc…may be just small pieces in the puzzle, but we feel each tile helps us better define and enhance the mosaic of our resident’s quality of life.

If you would like learn more about MOSAIC Moments please check out the Azura Memory Care blog at azura.sitespeedhosting.com or contact the location nearest you!

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