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MOSAIC Moment: Prom for All

If you think back to a special time in your high school days you may recall a football game or a concert, but almost everyone has a memory of their first Prom.

Tapping into our residents Holographic Memories is one of the many tools taught to our Team Members during Azura’s exclusive MOSAIC training and engagement program.  This technique allows our Team to tap into the long-term memories that continue far into the disease process of dementia.

A Holographic Memory is typically created when a person experiences a some-what drastic physical and emotional reaction to a moment in time.  For instance if you close your eyes and picture your first kiss…what emotions, memories, feeling come forth.  Can you not only picture the person, remember their name, how the kiss felt and maybe even what you or they were wearing.  A first kiss is typically a pretty emotional experience.

However if asked to remember our tenth kiss our ability to remember may not be so strong.  Hence why remembering one’s Prom, which typically happens once or twice in a life-time is pretty special!  We’ll be talking more about Holographic Memories in the weeks to come, but for now we hope it gives a bit of insight into the how and why of what we do at Azura.

We bring to light the personalized moments of joy for our residents and engage them to live, not just exist.  Check out out these EXCEPTIONAL photos from our Azura Memory Care of Kenosha Prom. Please note, many of the dresses you see are donations from local organizations, Team Members and family members to help ensure our residents truly shined!  Thank you Azura Team for making these magical moments happen!


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