Memories In the Making

Through the Memories in the Making® program, a person with the diminished verbal and organization skills that accompany dementia can still communicate through creating a drawing or picture.  This program assumes that the artist has many things to say and that there is meaning in it no matter how garbled their verbal expression. It also assumes they can do more than they may have been given credit for to date.

Here is what the son of one of the artists wrote to Azura Memory Care of Sheboygan~

SH-Cherry TreeWe just wanted to thank you for helping us meet a side of Larry we had not known.  We are very proud of the beautiful artwork he has created since moving in.  We did not know this creative, artistic person was hidden inside of him.  We recognize it takes time and patience to help others realize and pursue their talents, and we thank you all for giving that time and attention to Larry to allow him to do these new things.   

Many thanks, Brandon and Larisa Hill

The paintings, sketches and drawings created by the artists are highly expressive and beautiful.  Those who view them are touched by the tangible evidence of what remains of the individual, even in the latter stages of their illness. The empathy their artwork evokes proves that one picture is worth a thousand words.SH-Bird Among the Branches

Azura Memory Care is very proud of all of our artists that participate in Memories in the Making.  We are also honored to announce that three of the artists from Azura Memory Care of Sheboygan have been chosen for Treasure Art Event and Fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association.

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  1. Tom Hlavacek-
    February 11, 2014 at 3:58 pm

    Thanks Azura for being a great mission partner in many ways, including Memories in the Making. MIM gets at so many aspects of our mission – raising awareness, improving the quality of care, increasing communication, reducing stigma and stereotypes – and on top of that its just plain joyful and fun. It truly is an amazing program and we are very thankful for all of our partners who make it possible.

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