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Gift Ideas for those with Memory Loss

2015-12-11 10.56.31You better watch out, you better think twice…and let Azura give you a few ideas for what to give someone with memory loss this holiday season!

Please know your gift does not have to be flashy or even cost any money, but by remembering your loved one in this special way you can bring them a moment of joy and a smile to their face too!

Here are some simple gift ideas for you that are sure to be a success:
1. Something comfortable – think comfy, cozy and easy to put on and remove like robes, wrinkle free shirts, large banded socks or cardigans.
2. Framed photographs or a photo collage – older pictures of family and friends in a framed photograph or photo collage would be a great gift!
3. Sensory Items – like fuzzy or weighted blankets, scented lotions or favorite music on cd or pre-loaded onto a MP3 Player or Ipod.
4. Bird Feeders and Bird Food – during the next few months it is hard for those with memory loss to get outside, but being able to receive visits at their window by feathered friends can bring many smiles and magical moments!
5. Your time – a great gift for both caregivers and people with dementia. Playing games, giving them a hand massage, singing holiday tunes or going for a drive to see the lights are all great ways to connect with your loved one.

However, you honor your loved one this holiday season, thank you.  Thank you for taking the time and effort to make them feel special!

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