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Dreams Do Come True!

Dream Come True: Azura of Monroe

Ed dreamed of playing pool again. It may not be a big dream for you, but to Ed, it was a big part of his life during the time he appraised real Monroe- poolestate.  Every Wednesday afternoon, two friends would join him at his office to shoot pool. They also played at JR’s in McConnell. Ronda Toepfer, Quality of Life Coordinator for Azura Memory Care of Monroe, made that dream come true. Not only did she take Ed to Leisure Lanes to play pool again, she asked his family to bring in his old pool stick so he would have that too! Ed was in his glory and enjoyed every moment. He even gave Ronda a lesson or two. After shooting pool, they ordered appetizers and enjoyed a beverage.

Monroe- Pool Gene & Ed
“I am trying to get him out weekly,” commented Ronda.  “The improvement and confidence in Ed continues to grow each time. It is amazing to watch. He really plans out his moves and will recommend moves to others. I think it sort of makes him feel like a ‘man’ when he orders that O’Douls too.  I’ve now asked another resident, Gene, to join us. And, Phyllis is just along for the fun.”


Ronda, you really went above and beyond. This is a great example of providing a quality of life at Azura that resembles the lives our residents knew prior to this disease. Thank you for living our Core Values. By helping Ed do something he only dreamed of doing again, you help him Recover. You were truly Creative in thinking outside of the box not only in finding him a way to shoot pool again, but also to have his old pool stick. You are certainly one of Azura’s Finest people.


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