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The Oconomowoc Team

A man was residing in a different Assisted Living community with home care and hospice supportive care. The Oconomowoc completed an assessment and agreed for a move in into our family of care. A few days before move in, an Azura team member was informed by the Assisted Living nurse that he had declined. An Azura Team Member connected this nurse with our Azura nurse, who informed the Azura nurse that they believed this gentleman was going to pass in a few weeks. Our nurse stopped by the Assisted Living community to visit with him for another clinical review. When she walked into his apartment the room was dark and he was lying in his bed, an overwhelmingly sad sight. There was a possibility that Azura was going to be unable move him in. Our nurse stepped up and called the Hospice care team to confirm his passing. They told her  he is not passing, but merely in the wrong environment. With that knowledge, the Oconomowoc team determined we were going to be able to support his care. 

The day he  moved in, it was evident in his appearance that he needed better care and a warm, engaging environment. With that said, when he came in the door, he was greeted by all and had a big smile on his face. His daughter was so happy that Azura was able to help her dad to have the opportunity of a warm and loving home.

A few days later, the Quality of Life Coordinator had all the residents in a circle singing. This resident  was sitting in his chair with sheet music in his hands, singing with a smile on his face. We all were amazed by all of our incredible staff who have changed not only this resident’s life, but also his families.

This is a good reminder for why we do what we do every day to help our residents RECOVER!



Assisted Living & Memory Care Reviews

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