From Nancy, an Azura family member:


“Kelly is such an excellent caregiver and an excellent co-worker. She is always busy helping out with the residents, passing meds, cooking and cleaning up and is always upbeat and very caring with all of the residents. I am at the home a lot, and I see how she interacts and takes care of all the residents. She is very attuned to their moods, knows their likes and dislikes and tries to make each of them happy. Whenever she assists my Aunt to the bathroom, she makes sure to bring her back to her lazy boy chair or to her bed and makes sure all of the blankets and pillows are fluffed and are where my aunt likes them. Then before Kelly leaves her, she picks up my Aunt’s water glass and makes sure that she takes a few sips of water. I really appreciate this because older people do not drink enough fluids. She always manages to say something cute to my aunt before she leaves her, such as, “Now you’re all snuggled up.” To me, that lets my aunt know that Kelly truly cares about her welfare and that my Aunt is special to Kelly. Kelly treats all of the residents like this, she treats everyone with respect.”

Thank you Kelly for always treating our residents, family members and team members with RESPECT.

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