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Dawn has been with the Azura family of care for 25 years. She is the true testament that Azura RETAINS the finest. Her fellow team members share that  Dawn is always caring to the residents. She takes the time to understand their needs and treats everyone with the most RESPECT. She is an exceptional co-worker, always arrives on time and is very bubbly. The residents truly love her.

An Azura Family Member shares, “My husband has been a resident of Azura for going on 3 months. I visit him frequently and have had many opportunities to observe the care given and interactions between residents and care providers.

There is one individual who impresses me above all others for the loving, competent care she gives to all the residents and their families. She goes out of her way to treat both residents and family members with respect and care. She always greets with a beautiful smile and a hug when I come to visit.

I love how my husband’s face lights up when he sees her and I have noticed how the residents kind of come to life in her presence. Some who rarely talk or try to communicate are more verbal when Dawn is there. There is always laughter when she’s around.  When Dawn is on duty, I know my husband and the other residents are receiving the best possible care and I am grateful for her presence.”

This is an exceptional testimony to the RECOVERy that Dawn provides to those within our care. To many, it is evident that Dawn really loves her job and the people she cares for and many have shared that she is exactly the type of her person that they would want taking care of one of their family members. Azura RETAINS the finest in you Dawn. Thank you for being TRUE BLUE and showing care and compassion to all you meet!

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