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Testaments of Care




The staff treated my family as their family. God Bless you and your staff for the compassionate care they provide.” – Pauline

My mom was not at Azura for very long. I can tell you that there was a marked improvement in her disposition and attitude almost from the moment she arrived there. We feel that the last days of her life were significantly happier than when she was in assisted living. We are so happy we moved her to your facility and wish we would have done so sooner.” – Jeff

There are times when a family is not able to care for a loved one. This was the situation in which we found ourselves. After [our loved ones] stroke on June 22, we spent the next 6 weeks in and out of a number of different care facilities—multiple times. It was not until we found Azura that we found an advocate, a place that would truly care for (him). A place where people looked past (his) condition and behaviors and also saw a person. To those who shared a word of encouragement or kindness—thank you! To those who treated (him) with respect and dignity—thank you! To those who were professional in their words and actions—thank you! To those who conveyed care, concern, and love through a hug, a gentle touch, a gift—thank you! To those who stopped in after works and/or on a day off, just to check on (him) or our family—thank you! To those who never gave up on (him), even in difficult situations—thank you! We will remember you always with gratitude.”-Azura Family Member

It is often said that home is where your heart is. That is why Azura has been “home” to us for the past several years. It is the enormous hearts of all the staff that have made my mom’s final years such a comfort to not only her, but to dad and all of her children. We are eternally grateful for the tireless care that you provided for her. Azura was mom’s home….not just another facility. We knew the staff by name and by sharing family stories. It was truly a blessing to find such wonderful care for mom. God Bless You All!” – Mary 

There are no words that can truly express the gratitude I have to the fabulous staff at Azura. They were truly the home away from home for my mother for many years. The amazing and dedicated staff treated her with the utmost respect and love and cared for her in such an intimate and personal way. It was truly a blessing to our family to have found Azura to help take care of her. Thank you to all there for making the end of my mother’s life nothing but dignified and peaceful. To love a person is to see all of their magic and to remind them of that when they have forgotten. Azura…… you and your staff lovingly did that……Thank you!” – Patt

I am so very grateful to the incredible staff at Azura for the genuine love and professional care they showed our mother for the last 8 years of her life. Our family was so fortunate to have found such a wonderful facility for mom. Her loving husband of 72 years visited her at the home every day like clockwork. All 8 of her children, most of whom lived out of town, visited every chance they could. As hard as it was on all of us to witness mom’s eventual decline due to this dreaded disease, we are all so thankful to all of you for the sincere kindness and warmth you showed her each and every day. She developed such unique and special relationships with so many of you and I know she felt very much at home during her time there. You are a remarkable group of people and provide a truly amazing environment for those in your care. I highly recommend Azura and I thank you once again for the high quality of care and genuine friendship and compassion you have shown mom these last 8 years.” – Tim

We chose this facility for our mom back in 2004. It was her “home” for 13+ years. The main thing that impressed us was the retention of the caretakers. Mom quickly acquired more “kids” that loved and took care of her like we would have. Mom was very active for many years b4 she started declining rapidly in 2017 and this facility adjusted to her needs and abilities quickly. The staff are wonderful and welcome all newcomers with care and truly try to do what is best for our loved one. Mom was very comfortable in this environment and we never were worried about her well being. We were kept appraised of any needs and were sometimes just called to let us know how her day went! We will always be indebted to these warm, caring and loving individuals that have made this facility truly a “home” for our mom until she went to her final Home at the end of 2017. Thank you and bless you for passionately taking care of persons with this difficult disease. I recommend you really look into this facility if you want your loved one to be in a loving, caring home environment where they will be taken care of like you would do if you could.” – Karen

I would like to thank you for everything you did for my mom these last 5 months. You cared for her with love, compassion and respect. She left this world with the dignity that she so richly deserved. I can’t say enough about the kindness and love the caregivers who helped her each and everyday did show her. She was an impact on so many lives over the years. I know she is smiling down on all of us now and was so happy the Azura family was there for her as she went “home” to be with my Dad.” – Joyce and Family

You and your team did an amazing job of taking care of my mom for the last eight months of her life. You guys enabled her to live with dignity, respect, and honor in the midst of her battling her memory loss. It meant the world to our family that several of your team members came to visit mom while she was in hospice and even to her memorial service. Your team is very serious about giving personal care. When my sister and I first met you in July we thought Azura was a good place to put mom but really did not know. Now we know. You guys delivered everything you said you would plus more. I cannot thank you enough to giving my mom the best care possible. I highly recommend your facility and organization to any one who needs special attention of a memory care unit.” – Andrew

We were very happy to have our sister at Azura Memory Care. We always found it very clean, the staff took excellent care of her. Very friendly and helpful. They always kept us very well informed on her. Would highly recommend Azura to others.” – Jim

I am very satisfied with the care my wife, [removed], receives here. She is always well-dressed and clean as is her room. The staff is very friendly and professional and treats her well. I visit everyday at varying times and have found the staff always alert and attentive. I have had the opportunity to share meals with my wife and have found the food well prepared, at the right temperature, and tasting good! I would recommend Azura to anyone with a person or, as a caregiver, needing a place to care for someone needing memory care.” -Jack

My father was well cared for. I loved to visit him with my son. All of the caregivers were wonderful to be around and handled his personal situation with dignity and respect.” – Amanda

We would like to express our thanks for all the care, compassion and comfort you and your staff provided for our loved one over the past six months.  It has been a journey of emotions, conflicts and love since his wife left us back in 2011.  When [Removed] told us we could be kids again, that was a huge relief.  We believed her and knew Azura would keep him safe, nourished and work hard to manage his dementia diagnosis.  He had many happy days there and the ones that weren’t so happy, he had people who could provide him comfort and listen to his concerns.  Please let the entire staff know that we appreciate them and their jobs are more important to families than they may realize.  What they do each day, many people could not do, including family members, and that is to create an environment where a loved one can be cherished with dignity. Blessings to all, Kevin, Michelle and Jack

We are so glad to have our mom in such great care….with such wonderful people! It is great to see smiles and happy faces on everyone’s faces. Keep up the Great Work….it means a lot to have people like you all.” – Julie

They took awesome care of my mom while she was in their care. They made the time she had left as good as it could be. And peace of mind was awesome.” – Kathy 

One of the hardest days of my life was moving my Dad out of his home. But I was so quickly shown that he was safe, immediately loved and well cared for by the Azura staff. As much as I would have wanted to take him in myself, I was not a professional and knew he deserved the best care. And every day that he was there, he was treated as if he were their own family member. Thank you Azura.” – Lori Reppe Thompson

To all the staff at Azura,

There really are no words to express our deep gratitude for all you are doing and continue to do to care for and understand my Dad’s unique journey through Alzheimer’s. This is very difficult for us to not have him home with us BUT I have seen over and over again your care, patience, and creativity to “figure him out”. I just want you all to know if he could express it, he would say thank-you. He was an athletic, self-sufficient man, who was extremely generous. Thank you again for all you are doing to give me peace of mind!”- With sincere gratitude and appreciation, Donna and Ken

Dear [Removed] and all staff,

On behalf of Bob and myself, I want to thank all of you for assuring us that our 69th wedding anniversary would be so very special. It was a great surprise to both of us. We were wished a Happy Anniversary so many times by so many people, I felt almost overwhelmed. Giving me a copy of the picture taken of us just before we began to eat was so thoughtful of you, [Removed]. As Lynn says, we are so blessed to have the great Azura staff taking such good care of Bob.” –Peg 

Couple celebrates 69th anniversary at Azura Memory Care.

I had reservations of mom leaving her home…

But Azura is a wonderfully ran home. The staff is A+ for not only meeting the needs of the residents, but taking a personal approach in doing so. They keep close watch on my mother’s care. I am very much put at ease with Azura’s work approach. They are so much better than I expected. I am so pleased and very happy with Azura and the staff. They are the best they can be!”- Roger Allen

Thank You Azura Team,
We would like to recognize the entire Azura team. Thank you for everything you have done for our parents over the past 5 years. When it came time to move our parents into your home, we did not know what to expect or what this part of their journey would bring. Your kindness and compassion never went unnoticed. You truly are all angels on earth. We appreciate you and you will all have a very special place in our hearts forever.

Here are things we have witnessed from the Azura team over the years:
You give from the heart each and every day.
Working at the Azura is not just a job; you make it your calling.
You know just how to bring a smile upon the face of a resident.
You offer a warm hug whenever one is sad or lonely, this includes family members too.
You are always providing a tender smile and gentle kiss on their cheek.
You know just how to bring out the sparkle in their eyes.
You never judge or criticize a situation; you always make them feel important and wanted.
On your days off you still take time out of your day to bring your pets to share with the residents.
You even bring in your children to share extra hugs; which always brings a smile.
Some residents bless you, and other times may curse you; you take it in stride.
You see people at their worst and at their best; you love them anyway.
As the disease advances and residents can no longer speak; you still know what they need. You look out for the residents with true care, concern and pride.
You allow the residents to maintain their dignity.
When they need assistance with cares, you always respect their feelings and maintain privacy. You accept them all with open arms and do not pass judgment.
You offer them kindness and empathy when they may be grieving.
You understand that every resident is someone’s mother, father, daughter, or son.
You can turn a challenging situation into a positive one.
You step into people’s lives and truly make a difference.

Thank you, for making a difference every day in the lives of our parents and the other residents’ who reside at Azura. We hope that God blesses you with many angels in your own lives, because He blessed us with all of you.”
Grateful Forever,
Robert and Dolores Martinek Family

Dear Friends at Azura, How can we begin to thank you for all you did for our Dad and for our family? You cared for all of us and led us by the hand through the ups and downs of Dad’s final 2 1⁄2 years. With your expertise and compassion, you helped Dad maintain his dignity in his last days and aided us as his life passed.We are so pleased we found you, are in awe of what you do for your residents and their families and sing your praises whenever we get the chance. We thank you and so would Dad.”
Mary Kay Hanson, Teri Brauenreiter and Jeff Kauffman

To All of the Wonderful People at Azura Memory Care,
We would like to thank each and every one of you for taking care of our Mom with such loving kindness and compassion. God has blessed us so much to let us have her live in such an amazing home!! We appreciate everything you all do!”
Mickelson Family

“Azura Memory Care more than met the needs of my Mother. After having placed her in assisted living for only 1 month, the facility deemed it was not able to care for her because of ‘wandering’ issues.I then chose Azura because it had a welcome and homey atmosphere. Mother fit in right away and set up housekeeping by offering her “hand” dusting service. She always thought of Azura as her home and even thought some of the residents were her relatives.The staff took very good care of her and always let me know what was happening and if they had any concerns. I am very thankful for their care and concern for my Mother, for their compassion in treating all of the residents as their own family, and their willingness to meet all of the needs of their residents. During her six years of living at Azura Memory Care they truly did all they could to meet my Mother’s physical and emotional needs, for that I will always be thankful.”
Thank you,
Marilyn Thames

To All of the Angels at Azura,
We would like to thank you all for taking care of Mom. We are blessed to have the wonderful Love and Care that you give her. Thanks also for giving her the XX & OO’s when we are not there.”
Greg and Marlys Belden


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